Creative Works by Dan


My Best Haiku
These nine haiku are my favorites from among the dozens I have written.

Weeping Silver
Ten poems that encapsulate my thought. Illustrated.

Science Fiction

His Last Recursion
Mystery surrounded the death of the most watched man in the world.

How I Saved Lieutenant Snell’s Command
When a military op went awry on Nuevo Tundra, Stan Elyot risked his life and mindstone to save his enemies.

Symphony of a Million
He was designated to sing for the galactic king…but a meteor shower intervened. Could the show still go on?


These hymns may be freely used but may not be published in any form or re-posted on the web without express written permission from Dan Graves. If you use one, please let me know through the contact page.

Jesus, the I Am

Father God, We Praise You

Communion Song

O God, How Great Your Power

Christmas Angels (a new carol)


Books Authored or Co-authored by Dan

The Archbishop Who Killed a Man.
Anecdotes from Christian history.
Doctors Who Followed Christ.
36 notable Christian doctors.
Scientists of Faith.
48 notable scientists who were Christians.
The Earth Will Reel.
A study of the Bible’s Geological prophecies. Revised 2017.
Great Women in Christian History.
37 women who changed their world.
This Day in Christian History.
366 days in Christian history.