C. H. Spurgeon (DVD Review)

There are not many Christian DVDs I rave over. Therefore, when I say I watched C. H. Spurgeon, the People’s Preacher twice in the first week I owned it, you can be sure it was because it really is an excellent docu-drama.

Spurgeon DVD cover

DVD cover for C. H. Spurgeon, the People's Preacher

To paraphrase the narrator, Spurgeon’s story is the tale of an unknown country boy who came to the big city to find fame and romance, struggled to overcome his weaknesses, and became the most famous preacher of the day. At the height of his fame, his convictions forced him to take an unpopular stand which left him isolated and ridiculed by the media.

However, the story opens with the fifteen-year-old son and grandson of preachers struggling to find salvation. Indeed the story of his discovery of Christ is one of the premier conversion stories of all time, well-told in this movie. Because of his own experience of desperate seeking, he made sure his sermons always emphasized Christ and the plan of salvation.

After his baptism, Spurgeon’s timidity was washed away, and at sixteen, he began preaching despite shaky knees and a pounding heart, pulpit-terrors which would pursue him all his life. So great did he find the ordeal of preaching that all his life he often vomited on Sunday morning.

His influence stretches into our contemporary world although it has been over a hundred years since his death. To learn how and why this short, pudgy country boy had so much effect on his own era and our own, watch this video. C. H. Spurgeon is available from Vision Video.

Want to hear some of Spurgeon’s Christ-centered sermons? Visit sermonindex.net, where you will find dozens well-read. One of my favorites is Do You Know Him?

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