Carol: Christmas Angels

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The Words (© Dan Graves, 2012)

by Dan Graves

This carol may be freely used. However, it may not be published in any form or re-posted on the web without express written permission from Dan Graves. If you use it, please let me know.

  1. The Angel of the Lord beheld
    The faith of Abraham
    And said, “Since you have not withheld
    Your only son from me
    Your seed shall be as countless sands:
    Your offspring bless Earth’s distant lands.”
  2. An angel of the Lord appeared
    While Zachariah served
    And said, “Fear not! your prayer is heard.
    Your wife shall bear a son.
    By John shall many be restored;
    He’ll smooth a pathway for the Lord.”
  3. God sent the angel Gabriel
    To Mary’s Galilee.
    He cried, “Hail, favored maiden, hail!
    You are to bear a son.
    The Lord shall give him David’s throne
    As Son of God he shall be known.”
  4. An angel of the Lord drew near
    To Joseph in a dream:
    “Take Mary home and have no fear!
    Her child is of the Lord.
    From sin your people he’ll reclaim
    And Jesus, Savior, be his name.”
  5. An angel of the Lord shone bright
    On shepherds in the fields;
    And said, “Good news I bring this night
    And joy to all the world!
    For Christ the Lord was born today
    And wrapped in cloth and cribbed in hay.”

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