Hymn: O God, How Great Your Power!

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The Words (© Dan Graves, 2012)

by Dan Graves

This hymn may be freely used but may not be published in any form or re-posted on the web without express written permission from Dan Graves. If you use it, please let me know.

1. O God, how great your power!
You speak, and worlds are founded:
The sands are weighed, the oceans bound,
The heavens spread, their stars all named,
The sun, the moon, the planets framed—
O God, how mighty your power!

2. O God, how wide your mercy!
Your grace you have extended,
Redeeming sinners who offend.
You loved your enemies and sent
Your son to save all who repent.
O God, how boundless your mercy!

3. O God, how fair your justice!
Your hand upholds the lowly,
And lifts the meek who stumbling go;
But silences the tongue that boasts,
And overthrows earth’s haughty hosts.
O God, how faultless your justice!

4. O God, how clear your foresight!
You foretell judgement looming
(Eternal joy or endless gloom),
For from the start you know the end,
And warn us what our lives portend.
O God, how pure your foresight!

5. O God, how rich your bounty!
Your promise is recorded:
That you will be our great reward.
We’ll need no sun within your light,
But shine in raimant clean and white.
O God, how lavish your bounty!

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