Links to Sites of Interest

Christian History Sites

Christian Heroes
Downloadable bulletins presenting Christian biography and history for kids.

Christian History Institute
Articles, modules, movie productions.

Christian History Magazine
The beloved magazine has its own web site on which you can read all issues for free.

Christian history in the Reformation tradition, beautifully illustrated.

Apologetics Sites

Reasons to Believe
The best of the old earth apologetics sites.


Some Remarks on Planned Parenthood
My take on the giant abortion provider.

Christian Science Fiction

Mind FLights
Occasional pieces are Christian.

Other Sites

Proverbs & Christ
My site comparing the wisdom of Solomon with the wisdom of Christ using historical illustrations.

My storefront at Lulu Press (temporarily down)
Order or download books I’ve published through Lulu Press (includes those I designed and edited for other folk).

Prager University Get a conservative education in five-minute bites.

Books Authored or Co-authored by Dan

The Archbishop Who Killed a Man.
Anecdotes from Christian history.
Doctors Who Followed Christ.
36 notable Christian doctors.
Scientists of Faith.
48 notable scientists who were Christians.
The Earth Will Reel.
A study of the Bible’s Geological prophecies. Revised 2017.
Great Women in Christian History.
37 women who changed their world.
This Day in Christian History.
366 days in Christian history.