Web Sites by Dan Graves

People of Faith sitePeople of Faith is a three-page web site devoted to promoting a single DVD. To keep the entrance page uncluttered, I made heavy use of javascript to swap content.
Healthy Lenawee siteWhen the YMCA of Lenawee County received a private grant to encourage healthy living, they asked me to build them a web site. The result is Healthy Lenawee. The logo in the upper left “box” is by Carrie Joers, the rest of the design is mine. As usual I adapted WordPress as a content management system.
christian history magazine siteWhen Christian History Institute decided to re-launch the Christian History magazine, we developed a new site for it, Christian History magazine. I designed and implemented this with a content management system, adapting WordPress for the purpose. Local artist Carrie Joers assisted me with the colors and suggested many of the design elements. Special features includes the use of page name slugs to display sidebars with page-specific content, an attractive rollover for the centuries, and a css driven dropdown menu. The site also includes a page flip menu and an online store. Its code is written to make the bottom of the page always at or below the bottom of the screen.
christian history institute siteThe principle site on which I work belongs to Christian History Institute. This also uses WordPress for its content management system. A special feature is the flyout menu.
torchlighters siteAnother major site on which I work is Torchlighters®. For this I implemented and adapted a team design using WordPress as the content management system, but also designing database-driven episode pages outside WordPress. Special features are flash coloring pages, picture puzzles, video previews, carousels, and Ajax word puzzles.
christian history magazine collection siteAnother major site which I designed and built is the Christian History Magazine Collection which nests within the Christian History Institute site. This includes sidebar content which changes uniquely for each page and a nifty century rollover.
christian history instituteHere is a small site I built from scratch for Center Self Storage. It has a number of nice features, including a cycling image of the storage units and a dynamic map showing how to get to the location.
ymca of lenawee Although not my design, I maintain the site at YMCA site and did some cleanup and streamlining of its html code, made the current banners, added the current logo. I also built a back entrance through which the owners could update the pages, although in practice the task has fallen to me. The back entrance employed php/mysql.
captive faith Captive Faith was a quick site I developed in css/html/php. It contains narratives of Christians imprisoned for their faith. One feature is an include which randomly displays an ad from a selection.
stevedore boat Stevedore Boat is another example of a content management system I developed using WordPress. Both the original design (seen in the Great Loop section) and the current design are my own. A special feature of the current design is the centered navigation bar.
christian history institute At one time I built and maintained this earlier version of Christian History Institute which became known as Christian History Timeline but now seems to be off the web. The underlying art work was by Warren Kramer. Despite the name change, the new owners kept most of the functionality and layout as I designed into it. As an aside, I also researched and wrote the majority of the daily calendar stories.

Books Authored or Co-authored by Dan

The Archbishop Who Killed a Man.
Anecdotes from Christian history.
Doctors Who Followed Christ.
36 notable Christian doctors.
Scientists of Faith.
48 notable scientists who were Christians.
The Earth Will Reel.
A study of the Bible’s Geological prophecies. Revised 2017.
Great Women in Christian History.
37 women who changed their world.
This Day in Christian History.
366 days in Christian history.