22:11 Gracious and Pure

He who loves purity of heart and has grace on his lips, the king will be his friend. Proverbs 22:11

Thomas Ken, author of the Doxology

Thomas Ken was a man with grace on his lips. Sometimes it came out as rebuke of kings—he rebuked both Charles II and William III. Sometimes it emerged as poetry, including one of the most-used verses of praise ever penned—the doxology: Praise God from whom all blessings flow…

One of the most famous incidents in Ken’s life was the time he refused to house Charles’ II’s mistress, Nell Gwynne. Ken did not think it appropriate for the Lord’s priest to offer his home for the convenience of a king’s lustful assignations. Surprisingly, Charles II took this in good part and befriended Ken by making him a bishop when a vacancy occured.

Christ the most pure, the most full of grace, was friend and more than friend of the highest king of all. His grace and virtue exalted him to the right hand of God.

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