22:3 Taking Cover

A prudent man foresees evil and hides himself, but the simple pass on and are punished. Proverbs 22:3, 27:12.

A Disguised Calvin flies from Paris.

This consideration must be important for God has caused it to be repeated twice in almost identical form in the book of Proverbs.

The Bible is rich with examples of men of faith who saw trouble coming and took action to secure themselves. Noah built an ark and saved himself and his family. David fled from Saul. Elijah hid near Sidon. Jeremiah and Baruch concealed themselves in expectation the King of Judah would seek their lives. When the angel released Peter from prison, the apostle first told the church he was released, and then went somewhere else.

Examples from Christian history are abundant, too. As the Romans encircled Jerusalem in AD69, Christians fled, believing Christ’s prophetic warning, and escaped with their lives. In the next century, Polycarp changed his hiding place twice before capture and martyrdom. In the following century, Cyprian brought vituperation upon himself because he hid during a great persecution (although he later died a martyr). The family of Macrina the Elder (Mother of Sts. Basil and Gregory) hid in a forest. Calvin fled Paris disguised as a peasant farmer to escape the inquisition. Many more examples could be given.

Even the Lord Jesus moved to a safer place at least once to escape threats. An account is given in John 10:39ff, which shows that when the Jews tried to seize him, he escaped and crossed the Jordan.

The most important application for this teaching is that we must repent (Mark 6:12) and hide ourselves in Christ Jesus (Colossians 3:3) to escape the coming wrath of God (John 3:36) which must overtake all who ignore warning and reject God’s mercy.

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