29:3 The Wise Don’t Waste

The Prodigal Son of Christ's parable.

The Prodigal Son of Christ's parable.

Whoever loves wisdom brings joy to his father: but he who keeps company with prostitutes wastes his wealth.

As soon as I read this proverb in light of Christ’s life and teaching, I exclaimed to myself, “The Prodigal Son!”

Did Jesus have these words of Solomon in mind when he told his famous parable? The prodigal, you will recall, demanded his inheritance from his still-living father and headed off to squander it on prostitutes and fine food. Next thing he knew, he was a pauper during a famine. With rumbling belly he came to his senses and began to grow his first seedlings of wisdom.

In Solomon’s philosophy, wisdom was to steer clear of adulterous women and to live in fear (or reverence) of the Lord. The repentant prodigal did both; he abandoned the scene of his orgies and headed home with the acknowledgment of sin on his lips: “I have sinned against God and you.”

His new-found wisdom brought an almost delirious joy to his father, who ran to greet him, hugging and kissing him, and throwing a party to celebrate his return.

The terms of Solomon’s proverb were fulfilled.

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