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25:19 Not Trustworthy

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

William Bradford, from a statue at Plymouth.

William Bradford, from a statue at Plymouth.

Confidence in an unfaithful man in time of trouble is like a broken tooth, and a foot out of joint.

In his history of Plimoth Plantation, William Bradford tells about some English separatists [Christians wanting to separate from the Church of England] who attempted to escape persecution in England by going over to the Netherlands. A large company of them planned to sail from Lincolnshire, and hired a ship, making an agreement with its master to be ready on a certain day at an appointed place. After a long wait, with unexpected expense, because he did not show up when he was supposed to, they finally saw his ship appear. He took them aboard in the night. But when he got them and their goods on his boat, he betrayed them, having plotted earlier with officials to do so. The officers sent men to seize the poor refugees, forced them into open boats, and ransacked them, searching even their shirts for money, and pawing the women without regard to modesty. They then brought them ashore to jail them, and made them a spectacle to the crowds, which came flocking from all sides to see them.

I cannot find an instance in which Jesus placed confidence in any man during his time of trouble. On the contrary, we are told he did not trust himself to the people because he knew what was in their hearts.

Had he placed confidence in his disciples, he would have been sorely disappointed, because one betrayed him to the authorities, the rest fled from him when he was arrested, and his chief follower, Peter, denied even knowing him.